Sunday, November 30, 2008


There will be times where I want to be noticed, want to be seen. But other times I want to hide, want to be in my own world. Nothing comes easy in life, ups and downs come and always that fine line of hope keeping your spirits high. I've had my fair share of troubles in my life, when things got tough I would start hating everything. Always fighting trying to push troubles away, never wanting to solve them in a civilised manner. When everything went my way in life, I cherished them took them to heart and in mind, but every time peace comes, it's always too short. Life is always unfair and you would always want to be seen and cared for. You would want simple things in life, but being human beings, the seven deadly sins will come to haunt us. We're always forced to take sides, to show that you care. But it becomes conflicting, friends become foes and foes become friends. Twisted as the situation may seem, the heart just wants to hide from all the troubles. Always stuck in the middle with conflicts, people think about themselves and never think about the middle man. The one person that links people together. You would sit and think, converse and try to solve the situation like you know what to do, but no one is every truly happy with what they get in the end. Spirits bruised and morals bashed, the only thing to do is to move on. But it's hard to move on if you don't let go. When ever the middle man is troubled, seeking refuge in homebody's arms is difficult, finding the 'right' person to speak too become a mind game. Left stranded, transparent, no one can see. Attention is something people seek, but sometimes it come naturally, others seek it for the wrong purpose. I want to have attention, to know when somebody is speaking to you, or the conversation they have; you know you are there. Someone to comfort me, someone to look out for me, but it's probably just me confusing love with everything. People will be people, and in life, catering for everyone is a task no one wants to take up. No two people are the same on the earth, no two people's emotions are the same. It's difficult for anyone to find the right words to say when they try to open themselves to help. Finding the right words are the key building blocks to help someone step up with their spirits. Finding the wrong words only allows them to close up and find another place to hide. Some emotions click together like puzzles next to each other, other emotions are different pieces and on opposite sides and can't compare or share the same feeling. When you don't open up you will appear transparent, but when you do, you bring attention to yourself. People will not want to bring burdens onto others but curiosity gets the best of everyone. Always take a second look at everything, and to see the bigger picture, to see who's falling behind. No one wants to be a drama queen, nor gain unnecessary attention, but every one's hearts want to know that someone cares and someone loves.

Love, respect and smiles.