Sunday, November 23, 2008

"If you love me... let me go..."

Love, respect and smiles.

My life, my dreams, my everything. You have been the reason why I pushed my life so far, why I keep pursuing my goals. It's because you believed in me, kept my heart burning with passion for what I do, for what I love. But I my heart will continue to burn with passion, just for you. I loved you truly, deeply, and honestly. With my up most loyalty, kept my lust in line, only to love you and be rewarded with your love. You honestly meant the world to me, and not hearing your voice for a single day, would mean my days were never complete. You showed me the path of right, and showed me that life has its ups and downs. You were there when I wanted to give up, you were there when I needed light, and you were there when I needed guidance. As much as we fought, we always turned to each other to forgive, and to learn more about each other, and respect grew. You would always send my heart racing and a smile always on my face when I see you walking through the gates at the train station. No matter how hard I kept my face serious, you would always leave me smiling. You were my world, a sanctuary I could go to, and forget about all worries, to take off the weights off my shoulder and to hold me, and let me know that I am loved and cared for. I lived a life, only to give up everything, to work only for myself, to live only for myself, and to die only for myself. But you picked up the pieces of my heart, and kept them so close to yours and let my heart breathe life. You love me regardless of my wealth, regardless of my looks, regardless of my status in life. You loved me, for who I was. You always told me, that no one has ever entered your life, and I was the only one with the key to your heart. I was the only boy who was trusted with your loving heart. I cherished every minute, every second, I cherished everything about you. I would always look forward to seeing you, no matter how hot the summer heat would bring, or how cold the icy winter would breathe, I would make the effort to see you, even just for a one hour lunch, because I know, that you would complete my day when I saw you. You would always try to impress me, but you never had to go far, because I would always love you, even when you were sick, I would come over and rest beside you to let you know I cared. I would write you poems every night before you slept, so you knew that I left you in your sleep with love on your mind. I made sure I messaged you in the morning to let you know that I was there, to love you when you wake up. I wanted to show how special you were to me, I wanted to let you know that you deserve so much and to be loved always. I would always be on time, because I hated to make you wait. I would do my best to make you happy, give you what you wanted, or what you asked for. I was never ashamed of you, no matter how loud you were in the city together, no matter what you did to try to embarrass me; I would always embrace you and let you know I love you. I loved you, for who you were. I remember the time I tried to memorise a song on piano, just for you, and I took you into the piano store, and tried my best to play the piece, I wanted to let you hear how I felt, I wanted you to hear my love for you. I would try to memorise lyrics to songs I dedicated to you, and sing them to you as we walked through the park. I would put the effort to do anything for you; I would do anything to see you smile. And it was always worth the effort, to know I can make you smile. I remember when we were lying on the grass, and you would rest your head on my chest to hear my heart beat. You always told me it was beating strong and calm. Looking back at all the time we spent together, I never regret one moment, I don't recall any hardships and fights, and I don't recall anything painful. All I see is you, and you being yourself, and your smile. I can't thank you enough for being there for me, for supporting me, for caring for me, for guiding me... for loving me.

I know I'm stubborn, and I would never accept anything unless the facts were laid out in cold to my face. I know that I'm stubborn when it comes to your decisions. But I made myself listen to the beat of your heart. You let me know how hard it was for you, and how difficult with your situation in life. And it's hard enough to have me to juggle around with your work as well. I understand, and I respect your decision, I'm not angry; I'm not upset at you. And I'm letting you go, I'm letting you smile in the world, I'm letting you grow in the world, I'm letting you know that I love you unconditionally and always~

"If you love me... let me go..." 24/11/08

Anh Yeu Em~ Always~