Saturday, November 15, 2008

Super Duper Working Looper

A blur with a bump, a shift with a shiver, a step with a struggle, all in all a day of a honest worker.

Over dressed, attitude with high integrity, heart so carefree. Music, like colours flowing with emotions, breathing life into my mind. Every step comes a colourful beat, every step comes closer a stranger, every step comes the twisting time. Loud sun, playing peek-a-boo with strangers, clouds swimming the skies like fish with nothing to fear. Steel cage with doors and windows, rushing down the tracks, only going forward never going back. Doors clicked, doors slide, doors rested. A seat alluring with emptiness was the one spot for me. Alienated with the way I dressed, crisp black shirt, sharp straight trousers and jet black shoes to die for. The waiting game begins, time to think, time to listen, time to see. Theories, philosophies, stories, memories, always intruding my present mind. My mind bitter sweet, but always knows it's true morals. My heart so warm and beaten yet always offering people truth, love and respect. Conflict and contradictions always play in my life. What is right, rolls out to be wrong. What is wrong, plays out to be right. My life dances with the sun as it rises, and dances with the moon as it rises. The steel cage stops. And reality slices into my mind, automated, my body shifts, moves and settles at the door. Step after step, and the revolving steel steps come closer each stride. My heart beats a smile to my face, but my mind beats it back down. Strangers walking towards me and never with me. I move tiredly, with eyes closed, fifteen steps, eyes open, fifteen steps, eyes closed. Another state awaits as a reach my designated area. Everything begins to slow down, a rubber band stretched slowly. The pace picks up, people queueing, to be fed, to be seated, to be catered for. Heavy plates, dirty plates, salad plates, everything in my hands. My body becomes transfused into a robotic state. Command one, move to command two, move to command 3, commands 1, 2 and 3 completed, repeat command one. A rush of faces, pleasant faces, disgruntled faces. A rush of legs, thin legs, bulky legs. Apologies were laid out, customers disgusted with food, customers annoyed with time. Nothing satisfies a persons wants. Dwindling numbers, faces disappear, voices gone. Silence and only the sound of people. Real people, working people, catering people. The weights are gone, shoulders are lifted and spirits are high. The day ends, with steps in front of steps. Warm heart beating softly with the beat of music, content, mellow, calm.

Love, respect and smiles.


Cindersbearah said...

sounds like you hate your job =/ do you? i like the poetic flow of this. Makes me feel like i'm there and i can picture it all