Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mellow Marshmellow

What a day it started off to be, early sun and rising heat. Air thick and dry, breathing was a struggle but work I had to go. The sun rays light up my skin, but burned and I cringe at the sensation. The agonising walk through the sun with sharp black shirt, crisp black trousers and black dress shoes to die for. Tormenting time twisted as I waited for a disturbing screech of steel circles against the long steel rails. Train beeps, doors open, a cold rush of air caresses my body, body slow, mellow, clam. Mind slows down, to think, to predict, to query. Old memories, new memories emotions flow in and out. A smile flickers across my face,
reminiscences of times with true friends, honest friends, real friends. Reality snaps hard, with time pushing for punctuality. No time to think, only time to move, to hurry. Clicking of my own footsteps on the parched hot concrete, each step only drawing closer to what brings an enlightenment of mixed emotions. The path I walk only bares the suns rays gracefully burning my entire body. Eyes closed and yet not closed only slits to view my every step ahead of me. Dark grey geometric patterns loomed over the concrete like a blanket of light. Rushing past people, eyes not wide enough to see faces, but only figures with their backs towards the sun with heads heavier than the neck can bare. The front steps of welcoming customers worn away by hungry customers, only satisfying themselves, only indulging what their minds believe is true. Twisted time plays games, speeding up with 60 new faces to seat and slowing down with 3 faces you have seated. A sudden warp of actions, and I'm wielding a broom, a mop, a garbage bag. Grinding meticulously on a satisfactory cleanliness state of a floor stomped on, spilt on, and baring the weight of hungry customers feet. The day ends, with a plastic bag in one hand, and inner throbbing pains in my ankles. The sun has rested and the nigh sky spreads love all over. The night life bringing a chilling touch of cool around my face, only to remember to smile, to enjoy life, to make a statement, to respect and to love.


Cindersbearah said...

i feel like i'm reading your story in poetic writing =)