Saturday, November 28, 2009


I sit here, pondering, wandering, floundering. What is this feeling that resides inside my heart. It beats with a smile, with passion, with love. It's so surreal, this feeling runs through my body, reaching out to my finger tips. I can't but help but chase it, and when I believe I've caught it, it lingers in the air, still alluring and seductive. Dreamy. The feeling brushes up against me, caressing me, tempting me. I allow it to overwhelm me, my mind body and soul. Euphoric. Absolutely euphoric. To be blessed and filled with bliss is indescribable, one has to experience to understand, to see, to appreciate.

My heart and it's insatiable hunger for love eats at me, driving me crazy day by day, minute by minute, second by second. The feeling slips away from my hands, my body, my lips. Pulling away from me, and my heart pulls towards it. I crave for the feeling to return, to tempt me. I wait in thought, I wait in time. Reminiscent the times, the feeling against my heart, the feeling through my hands, the feeling left on my lips. I wish to embrace it once more, and this time I will not let it slip away, it will be held, loved, and cherished. Always.