Tuesday, September 22, 2009


What does everybody want?

A 'want' is something a person wants to obtain to satisfy their mind and body. Something that allows them to smile, laugh, love, live. It adds joy on top of all the troubles we hold inside. A 'want' can carry all the troubles away, as well as bring the troubles back. It is sometimes small. It is sometimes large. But no matter what it is, your heart chases that feeling until it gets what it wants. It is sometimes easy to obtain. It is sometimes hard to obtain. But regardless the difficulty of reach, we continue to chase with our hearts. We wander and wander, floundering around living life. Normal, content, calm. But there will be a moment where find something we... 'fancy'. It liberates you, adrenalin rushing through your blood; energised and attentive. You take every opportunity to get closer to achieve what you want. All the effort to get one step closer. The drive keeps you up at night, seeking to feel that satisfaction, a satisfaction you must have.

It can drive you insane.

Sometimes the 'want' is in front of you, so close. You can feel, smell, breathe, see your want, but sadly it is out of reach. If your actions are ambitious, you can drive the 'want' further away. If your actions are mellow, you can lose the 'want' by letting it get away. But once you have it, in your grasp, you cherish every second you have. You let yourself be intoxicated by what it stands for, and allow it to make you smile, make you laugh, and take your worries away. But what goes up, must come down. When there's a gain, there is a lost. But in this instance, once you have something, all it means now is that you've got something to lose.

Concise, but not all true.

You can't dwell on the fact that all is lost. It's the memories that linger in your mind that makes it all the worth while having that 'want' in the first place...


cinderdork said...

i so want alot of things... like chocolate pudding, apple pie, yea!