Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mellow Banana Yellow...

The 'second' hand ticks time away, ever so slowly. Anticipating what the day would turn out to be like; slow, mellow, hectic. Dressed up and ready, the air thick then thin with the sharp smell of 'Cool Water'. Time moves quickly, and so does my body. Shifty my way through the door way, and yelling out my pardons. The door clicked behind me and I continued through the heat. Punctuality was the only thought running through my mind, even though the burning sun blared down my neck, I continued to walk without complaining about the heat. Silence at the bench I sat, with my train coming in 17 minutes. The heat continued to burn it's way through my shirt and through my skin. 17 minutes did not feel like 17 minutes. Music flowing through copper wires, slithering it's way through rubber tubes, and amplifying it's self in frequencies the ear can hear. The music soothed my body and kept it calm, while the sun continued to do what it started. The train arrives, clawing it's way onto the platform. The door sounded off, and I hid in the train avoiding the suns' rays. My eyes closed, my body gently rocking and swaying with the train as it twisted and turned on the iron tracks. The rhythm so relaxing, so hypnotic almost dream like. A stuttering halt, and rudely awaken by the screeching of the train. Automated, I moved through the door, and back onto the burning heat. My walk was 15 minutes to the meeting point. 15 minutes of sun. 15 minutes of heat. 15 minutes of perspiring. Every step felt heavy, but light in a strange way. Almost to the point of enjoying the sun's company with the surrounding crowd of people. People thickened as I got closer to the festival. The smell of charcoal smoke and festive music blaring became louder with every step. The heat lifted off my shoulders, and a smile grew to my face, and I knew, that I would enjoy this day.