Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"People do weird things"

A whole day, my mind has never been so monotonous. No creativity, no spark, no excitement just a shade of gray. I would be as active and talkative on the outside, but on the inside the there was no presence of emotions. I've always wondered why we do some crazy things in life, and suffer the consequences. And when confronted with the question, "Why did you do it?", there would be no answer but a simple shrug of the shoulders to gesture a sign of uncertainty. Why do we choose to do things we know are wrong but continue to do so? Is it the fact we can be so stubborn to see and think through? Why do we continue to do something wrong if we know the consequences are dire? To seek unnecessary attention to fill our troubles in life? We are all so complex in ourselves, and the complexity rises to a whole new level when we engage in a relationship. Why do we choose to sacrifice so much to spend time with another? Is it because of lust? Physical attraction? Beauty? love? I guess we all seek something in life, a purpose, a goal. People will go to crazy lengths to achieve what they want. But from time to time, people will do weird things. They may or may not know why, but something inside every body's mind or heart, will come across a time where they will do something crazy, weird or out of the ordinary, and acknowledge the consequences but still continue to do so...


cinderdork said...

eric i know how you feel, its not gonna be easy but go do something you enjoy. go do something wreckless even, just becareful. Irony in that sentence, mmm what i mean is go have fun. Go sky dive my godddd sky diving. go feel alive my dear.